Love is Stronger than Fear

Flower on Ben BulbinThis morning, the news from Boston is crowding most of our minds and pressing on our hearts. What to do to express our care? How to process the baffled pain that so many are feeling? It takes incredible courage to live in the world today and not get sucked in by the negativity. It takes courage to stand up to the violence that keeps rearing up in unexpected places, and even in the places we have long since given up on. It takes courage to say, “I choose to live by love, by the power of love,” and not give in to the fear that lies in wait.

For me, this courage draws its strength from faith, from faith that there is a force for good in the world. Some call this “God”, some call it “Love”, while others are not so comfortable with naming something this powerful, this profound. But whatever your preference, there is a power that is stronger than fear. It needs to be fed, though.

We need to feed the power of Love so that it has the strength to support us, the power to change the way we interact with one another, the way we envision the world. You feed Love by caring for the person next to you, saying “hi” to folks you pass on the street, making eye contact with coworkers and cashiers. You feed Love by holding that space at the very center of your breath and your heart open, not letting it get crowded out by fear or despair.  Breathing Love in and out.

Good can prevail, but it needs us, every one of us.

1 thought on “Love is Stronger than Fear

  1. This is an antidote for the fear that follows a random act of violence. Because that stranger (so fear tells us) may want to hurt us. Maybe he / she is a terrorist. I better look down and walk fast. But what if the stranger returns our smile. Fear begins to lift. Good words Shirl.

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