Christmas Thoughts

Sometimes blessings are hard to recognize.
They slip in barely noticed
Behind our grief and loss,
Or under the pain of brokenness.

The Christ Child came
To a world no less broken than ours,
No less filled with grief and loss.

Our God knows who we are
And what we mourn.
Our God comes, yet again,
A child come to save us,
A child filled with wisdom, yes,
And love too,
Bringing peace and hope to all people.

Dear Friends,
This is a difficult Christmas season, as we deal with the recent tragedy in Connecticut. It is hard to come to grips with the fact that we live in a world in which such tragedy happens, a world where children are targeted by violence and evil. We are challenged to find a sense of balance, let alone the joy that is supposed to accompany this season. But this is precisely the world that God sent Jesus into. We are the very people who need to hear some Good News.
God came to heal the brokenness that exists in our hearts, in our families and communities, and in the world at large. By becoming human, God brought love to life in flesh and blood, showing us that it can be done, that hope is possible. It isn’t easy to face up to challenges of this world, and it can take a large toll on the spirit – human or otherwise, but it is possible.
It is my hope that, in this season of celebrating the birth of Christ, we might capture also a sense of all of the other possibilities that are being born into our lives. May we celebrate the love and joy that we share with family and friends. May we celebrate the peace that comes as we sit by the fire or gather with loved ones. May we celebrate the hope that casts a glimmer of light on our spirits as we turn our attention toward a small figure born into a manger in Bethlehem… and born into our hearts.

May you be blessed this Christmas,

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