Good Friday into Easter

As Christians these days, we have the luxury of jumping directly from Palm Sunday to Easter, from celebration to celebration.  And yet, if we dare to go into the darkness that is Holy Week, we discover a depth to our faith that simply cannot be gained without going into the dark.  Betrayal, brokenness, fear, all of these are a part of the journey.  Faith actually makes more sense when we have ventured into the depths a bit, when we come face to face with our faults and failings.  Faith makes more sense when we are honest with ourselves about the realities of our brokenness and our inability to carry everything on our shoulders all of the time.  Resurrection makes more sense when there is something or someone (us?) to be resurrected.  In what ways do we identify with events such as the Last Supper, Good Friday and the crucifixion, with the silence of the Saturday?  How do we experience them in our lives and in our souls?

Easter is coming.  The resurrection is coming.  But first, this…Image

Iona, Scotland on a full moon night 2011.

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