A new web site, a new blog, a new way of getting information and inspiration out into the community.  This is all pretty exciting, even though many folks have been at this for years now.  

I am writing this blog just past the Spring Equinox – when the daylight and darkness are balanced.  Thoughts of what it takes to live a balanced life come to mind.  Balance between “doing” and “being” is probably the most challenging for most of us!  How do we find the time to sit down and rest, let our souls catch up with the rest of us?  How do we ensure that each day has a bit of time and space reserved for renewal?  (We usually do pretty well with giving the “doing” part of the day plenty of space and time.)

As an approach to the Equinox, why not look at the balance in your day, and just for today, see if you can ensure that your “being” has enough room to breathe, and that you do too.

3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Dear Church of the Wildwood,
    I like this new website! I love the new pictures and the up to date calendar. I will contemplate the balance of work and rest, as Saturday is my chore day!
    Take Care,

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